Apple is developing a feature that could prevent accidental falls from damaging foldable iPhones and iPads.

Apple notices \”vertical acceleration with respect to the ground\” being detected by sensors within a device with a foldable or rollable display. One of the worries of owners of foldable phones is that when they are opened, a sizable portion of glass is exposed, and if there is a butterfingers incident, both the internal and … Read more

Apple will introduce the world\’s thinnest display with the iPhone 15 Pro, not Android.

The front display of the iPhone 15 Pro Max can have bezels that are only 1.55mm thick. According to rumours, the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphone from Cupertino-based tech giant Apple would have exceptionally thin bezels all the way around the display. The iPhone 15 Pro Max may boast the smallest smartphone bezels ever … Read more

Now, WhatsApp\’s multi-device capability is compatible with multiple phones.

Finally, WhatsApp is enabling multi-device login for several phones. The launch of the function was announced by Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook and Instagram. \”You can now access the same WhatsApp account from up to four different phones, he said.\” According to WhatsApp, this capability will soon be available to all users. Users were previously limited … Read more