Unleashing the Power of Prime Core Technologies: How They Are Revolutionizing the Tech Industry

Introduction to Prime Core Technologies In today’s fast-paced digital world, technological advancements have become the driving force behind innovation and progress. One such advancement that has captured the attention of industry experts and enthusiasts alike is the emergence of prime core technologies. These cutting-edge technologies are transforming the landscape of the tech industry, paving the … Read more

Demystifying Intel Rapid Storage Technology: A Comprehensive Guide 1

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the demand for efficient and reliable storage solutions has never been higher. One standout technology in this realm is Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST). This comprehensive guide aims to demystify Intel RST, providing a detailed understanding of its functionality, benefits, and practical applications. Introduction Intel Rapid Storage Technology, often … Read more

Next-gen driving: Smarter, software-defined cars that can be upgraded like phones

New-generation driving will include cars that are as much software as they are hardware. Five years ago, observers in the auto industry heralded the beginning of the Vehicle 2.0 era, marking the first move away from the hardware-driven vehicle, in which software and hardware were basically inextricable, and towards a more decentralised, digital model. We … Read more

Fortanix\’s new search technology for encrypted data spells the end of plaintext.

The cybersecurity firm Fortanix of Mountain View, California has released a new function called Confidential Data Search that enables quick and limitless searches of encrypted data. Companies in highly regulated sectors, such as banking and healthcare, have a significant difficulty that is addressed by the new software tool: how to utilise sensitive data to fuel … Read more