WhatsApp is investigating cross-platform functionality that doesn\’t require a phone.

Even the Facebook-owned instant messaging service admits that a major feature update has been a long-time customer desire, but WhatsApp is now pressing for it. WhatsApp said on Wednesday that a limited public beta test of its upgraded multidevice functionality is now available. With the update, WhatsApp users can now use the service on up … Read more

WhatsApp unveiled a brand-new local data transfer technique based on QR codes.

WhatsApp today unveiled a new, speedier technique that uses a QR code to transfer communication from an old phone to a new phone. According to the business, customers will be able to move their WhatsApp data using a local Wi-Fi connection when switching to another phone running the same operating system Make sure both devices … Read more

You can now export your chat history, photographs, videos, and more from WhatsApp on your Android device to your iPhone.

Users of WhatsApp now have the option to use the Move to iOS software from Apple to transfer their conversation chat history, images, videos, and voice messages from their Android device to their iPhone. Users could only transfer chats from an iPhone to an Android device before this update. Starting today, a beta version of … Read more

Now, WhatsApp\’s multi-device capability is compatible with multiple phones.

Finally, WhatsApp is enabling multi-device login for several phones. The launch of the function was announced by Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook and Instagram. \”You can now access the same WhatsApp account from up to four different phones, he said.\” According to WhatsApp, this capability will soon be available to all users. Users were previously limited … Read more