With the release of Code Interpreter for ChatGPT Plus, \”anyone can be a data analyst now.\”

In March, OpenAI announced that its popular service ChatGPT will include plug-ins from other software applications, enabling users to perform things like view complete PDFs without leaving the app. This week, the business announced that all ChatGPT Plus users will have access to Code Interpreter, one of its own internal plug-ins. \”Lets ChatGPT run code, … Read more

Sage AI, driven by GPT, is released by Braze for use by marketers

Braze, a publicly listed business that specialises in providing marketing solutions for mobile applications, has announced the release of its new generative AI solution, Sage AI by Braze. The company claims that this will improve its clients\’ ability in the areas of automation, personalisation, and prediction. Braze has a proven track record working with major … Read more