Without notice, Twitter has recently blacklisted well-known journalists who write on Elon Musk.

Without prior notice or justification, Twitter suspended a number of well-known journalists on Thursday night. The incident occurred after the business decided to shut down Mastodon\’s Twitter account, an open source social media competitor that has gained popularity since Elon Musk became the organization\’s CEO. After linking to the Mastodon page of @ElonJet, a student-made … Read more

After NPR and other errors, Twitter removes \”government-funded\” news branding.

Twitter has removed the \”government-funded media\” labels from all accounts, from NPR to the Chinese state-affiliated Xinhua News, after weeks of genuinely idiotic pranks. Even Twitter\’s webpage describing the \”government-funded media\” labelling seems to have been removed. The whole controversy began when Twitter branded NPR as \”state-affiliated,\” a term it only uses for outlets when … Read more

Ex-CEO of Twitter Agrawal and other executives suing the company for unpaid legal expenses.

Former employees of Twitter, including ex-CEO Parag Agrawal, ex-legal director Vijaya Gadde, and ex-CFO Ned Segal, have filed lawsuits against the social media platform over allegedly underpaid legal expenses. According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Delaware Chancery Court, Twitter must reimburse the former executives for legal costs they incurred while working for the … Read more