To access tweets on Twitter, an account is currently necessary.

A sign-in page will appear if you attempt to see a tweet while not logged into your Twitter account. And it\’s too bad if you don\’t want a bird app account!

Given how unreliable the platform has been under Elon Musk\’s leadership, Twitter hasn\’t commented on this development, but it might simply be a bug. But given that Twitter is currently having trouble increasing its user base, it\’s plausible that this is a ploy to coerce inactive lurkers into signing up.

This could easily backfire, just like many recent modifications made to Twitter. If tweets are not made available to the general public, search engine algorithms may give the site\’s material a worse ranking, which would result in fewer visitors being sent to the site from Google. Additionally, it\’s a little bothersome.

Musk, who is no longer Twitter\’s CEO but is nonetheless heavily involved in the company\’s operations, might possibly be driven by a desire to stop AI programmes from scanning Twitter. When Microsoft removed Twitter from its advertising network, Musk chided the company, saying: \”They trained unlawfully using Twitter data. It\’s time to sue.

Twitter has been rife with glitches as new CEO Linda Yaccarino gets used to her new position. A disproportionately large number of customers received notices that their accounts had been suspended for three days due to spam earlier this week. We still don\’t know what happened there (and Twitter won\’t return our emails), but with Musk in the C-suite, anything is possible because regulations may change more quickly than you can say \”$44 billion.\”

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