You can now export your chat history, photographs, videos, and more from WhatsApp on your Android device to your iPhone.

Users of WhatsApp now have the option to use the Move to iOS software from Apple to transfer their conversation chat history, images, videos, and voice messages from their Android device to their iPhone. Users could only transfer chats from an iPhone to an Android device before this update. Starting today, a beta version of the ability to move WhatsApp data between Android and iPhone is being rolled out; however, it will take roughly a week for all users to receive it.

\”We\’re adding to WhatsApp the ability to securely switch between phones and transfer your chat history, photos, videos, and voice messages between Android and iPhone while maintaining end-to-end encryption,\” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta. This feature is frequently sought. We introduced the option to switch between iPhone and Android last year, and we\’re now bringing Android to iPhone.

According to WhatsApp, the transfer procedure only functions on brand-new or factory-reset iPhones. Additionally, your Android device and iPhone both need to be running iOS 15.5 or higher.

Open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone, then follow the on-screen instructions to begin. A code will appear on your iPhone once you have followed the instructions. On your Android phone, a popup to enter the code will appear. You must then select \”Continue\” and adhere to the on-screen instructions. The next step is to choose \”WhatsApp\” from the \”Transfer Data\” page. Then, on your Android phone, tap \”Start\” to begin the procedure. The next step is to wait while WhatsApp gets your data ready for export. You will be signed out of your Android phone once the data is ready.

To go back to the Move to iOS app, tap \”Next\” after that. After that, you must hit \”Continue\” and wait for Move to iOS to confirm that the data transfer from your Android phone to your iPhone has been successful. Then, you must download WhatsApp\’s most recent version from the App Store and log in with the same phone number that you used on your previous smartphone. You will then be asked to hit \”Start\” in order to start the process.

According to WhatsApp, you can transfer your account information, profile picture, individual and group chats, chat histories, media, and settings using this method. You cannot, however, transfer your display name or call history.

According to the firm, until you create an iCloud backup, the migrated data won\’t be stored on the cloud. WhatsApp also states that it cannot view the data that you transfer and that, unless you deactivate the app or wipe your phone, your data will remain on your Android device.

While migrating from one iPhone to another or from one Android to another has been simple, customers have had to come up with challenging solutions when switching from Android to iPhone. This issue will be resolved by the new tool, which will also make switching much simpler.

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