Sage AI, driven by GPT, is released by Braze for use by marketers

Braze, a publicly listed business that specialises in providing marketing solutions for mobile applications, has announced the release of its new generative AI solution, Sage AI by Braze. The company claims that this will improve its clients\’ ability in the areas of automation, personalisation, and prediction.

Braze has a proven track record working with major businesses including Burger King and Peacock, a popular streaming service.

Within Sage AI is a beta version of an artificial intelligence recommendation engine. This engine uses machine learning to determine which clients are most likely to buy certain products from the Braze Catalogues CSV import/action tool.
Braze argues that businesses may boost sales and customer loyalty by using AI Recommendation to create hyper-personalized messaging.

Using OpenAI\’s GPT-4 technology, Braze also debuted an AI-driven product called AI Content QA. By using this service, you can be certain that your messages will be reviewed for proper tone, syntax, grammar, and vocabulary before being sent.

In addition, Braze intends to include generative AI into its Query Builder and SQL Segment Extension instruments, allowing teams to easily convert natural language prompts into potent reports and audience segments.

Canvas Flow, Braze\’s no-code journey orchestration solution, is enhanced with optimisation and automation thanks to Winning Path, a new Sage AI technology. Marketers may now employ statistical models trained with machine learning to replicate customers\’ interactions with a brand\’s mobile app or website and understand which routes provide the greatest results.

Sage AI\’s Personalised Path function, which Braze promised will be introduced in the future but didn\’t specify when, is supposed to offer the optimal route for each user based on their qualities, preferences, and behaviours.

A/B Test Prediction is another planned offering, and it will use predictive analytics to make educated guesses about which ad techniques will provide the best results.

Sage AI expands upon Braze\’s preexisting artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, such as the ability to forecast which customers would churn and which will make purchases.

Intelligent Timing, Selection, and Channel optimises when messages are sent, which channels are used, and which conversions are made. Campaign material and visuals may be quickly generated with the help of generative AI, giving marketers more time to test out novel strategies and ideas.

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