Salesforce releases Sales GPT and Service GPT to streamline client interactions using generative AI

At the World Tour London event today, Salesforce unveiled new artificial intelligence (AI) workflow tools for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. The new features, known as Sales GPT and Service GPT, are meant to facilitate easier client interactions and streamline business processes.

The business claims that the software would help teams close deals faster, anticipate client demands, and increase productivity.
Salesforce\’s Einstein GPT, an artificial intelligence solution, will serve as the backbone technology for these new GPT offerings.

Salesforce claims that the trust layer in the Einstein GPT would safeguard sensitive customer data by prohibiting the large language models (LLMs) from keeping it, hence preserving data governance and addressing corporate data security and compliance.

Bill Patterson, executive vice president and general manager of Salesforce\’s C360 apps, told VentureBeat, \”Through our new solution, we will be offering unique, trusted AI capabilities with embedded security, ethical guardrails, and guidance to catch potential problems before they happen.\”

Salesforce also shared its intentions to include trusted generative AI capabilities throughout the company\’s other products and services. These include Marketing, Commerce, Slack, Tableau, Flow, and Apex.

With this release, Salesforce follows in the footsteps of other customer-centric companies by riding the crest of the wave of generative AI technology. In recent months, generative AI integrations have been demonstrated or announced by a wide range of technology heavyweights and smaller businesses.

Using generative AI to improve the customer service experience

Salesforce highlighted how generative AI may revolutionise the sales and service industries.

About 73% of workers expressed worry about new security threats related with generative AI in a recent poll by Salesforce of more than 4,000 full-time employees. Nevertheless, the vast majority (61%) either now make use of or plan to make use of the technology in their professional lives.

Sixty percent or more of respondents who want to employ generative AI said they knew nothing about how it will be implemented in terms of reliable data sources and data protection.

\”We believe that mainstreaming the power of generative AI is dependent on first building a foundation of trusted data, security, and ethics,\” Salesforce\’s Patterson said to VentureBeat.

With the new generative AI technologies, CX and CRM providers\’ systems may more easily automate the creation of personalised emails for their customers. Users of Sales Cloud with Einstein GPT may utilise Sales GPT to send personalised emails based on information stored in the CRM.

Because conversations would be automatically transcribed and summarised, the business says, sales representatives will no longer need to take notes by hand. This should increase efficiency by allowing for timely follow-ups.

Commerce and assistance

Account research, meeting preparation, and the writing of contract provisions are all part of the sales GPT process. It integrates the Salesforce CRM platform to provide AI-generated summaries and actions with regular updates.

On the other hand, support GPT will provide field support workers with AI-driven customised replies, generated in real-time based on data from actual customers. The business believes this will help service representatives quickly address client concerns.

Using care GPT, \”customer service teams can harness real-time data and AI they can trust to deliver experiences that help you stay ahead of the curve and scale highly personalised service to every customer,\” as Patterson put it. Instead of taking time to carefully craft responses to frequently asked questions, service representatives may utilise Service Replies to do so in seconds. With more time on their hands, customer support reps may focus on solving more intricate problems for their clients.

Effectiveness and safety

Patterson said that Einstein GPT would make use of AI to boost efficiency in Sales GPT and Service GPT while also ensuring the safety of sensitive data.

Users can trust the zero-retention data policy of the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, in addition to reaping the benefits of the AI productivity gains given by Einstein, which creates over 200 billion AI-powered predictions everyday. Data privacy for users and their clients is protected by this policy.

Since its inception, Salesforce has relied heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) via the use of Einstein AI capabilities throughout the Customer 360 platform. \”There\’s undeniable enthusiasm to realise the potential of generative AI now that it has the potential to introduce exciting new opportunities across sales, customer service, marketing, commerce, and IT,\” said Patterson. According to the company, \”by unifying data with Data Cloud and Customer 360, organisations can now unlock a complete view of every customer, allowing them to create unique experiences.\”

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