Apple is developing a feature that could prevent accidental falls from damaging foldable iPhones and iPads.

Apple notices \”vertical acceleration with respect to the ground\” being detected by sensors within a device with a foldable or rollable display.

One of the worries of owners of foldable phones is that when they are opened, a sizable portion of glass is exposed, and if there is a butterfingers incident, both the internal and external displays could be completely shattered. Apple has devoted years to studying ways to lessen the harm a dropped iPhone causes.

For instance, a patent was awarded in 2014 for a system that would twist an iPhone in mid-air using an internal vibration motor so that it landed on its back rather than the screen. According to Apple Insider, Apple just submitted a patent application to the USPTO with the title Self-Retracting Display Device And Methods For Safeguarding Screen Using Drop Detection.

Apple observes sensors in a device sensing \”vertical acceleration with respect to the ground\” in order to determine whether the gadget is falling. The device may close or partially retract in this situation to prevent \”the fragile display from impacting the ground.\” Because the device\’s corners would make touch with the ground rather than the screen, the patent application claims that having the display fold to a position less than 180 degrees could be advantageous. A rollable screen could automatically retract the display if the device falls faster than the specified limitations.

A foldable iPad could arrive in 2025, according to TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who knows exactly which tie Apple CEO Tim Cook will wear at the iPhone 15 announcement ceremony (to be clear, this is a joke). Of all, Kuo predicted in 2021 that a foldable iPhone will debut in 2023 and would sell 20 million units. Even the most trustworthy tipper occasionally makes a mistake. The most recent report from Kuo claims that a folding iPad may have a carbon fibre kickstand. This might enable the device to be supported at a more convenient angle for seeing content on the screen without using your hands.

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