With the release of Code Interpreter for ChatGPT Plus, \”anyone can be a data analyst now.\”

In March, OpenAI announced that its popular service ChatGPT will include plug-ins from other software applications, enabling users to perform things like view complete PDFs without leaving the app. This week, the business announced that all ChatGPT Plus users will have access to Code Interpreter, one of its own internal plug-ins.

Code Interpreter

\”Lets ChatGPT run code, optionally with access to files you\’ve uploaded,\” an OpenAI representative stated on the company\’s often updated ChatGPT release notes blog. Among other things, \”You can ask ChatGPT to analyse data, create charts, edit files, perform math, etc.\”

The AI has a rich set of capabilities, including the ability to create Python code and work with files up to 500MB in size.

Users of ChatGPT Plus may take use of Code Interpreter to make their own charts, maps, data visualisations, graphics, interactive HTML files, clean datasets, extract colour palettes from photographs, and more. The interpreter enables a wide variety of features, making it a potent instrument for displaying, analysing, and manipulating data.

It\’s no surprise, therefore, that the first responses from ChatGPT\’s most active users and influential technologists have been so enthusiastic.

Unlocking Hidden Potentials

Flutterwave\’s Europe national manager and Lithuanian general manager, Linas Belinas, gave OpenAI a positive rating on LinkedIn, saying, \”OpenAI is unlocking their most powerful feature since GPT-4 to everyone.\” In today\’s world, anybody may become a data analyst.

One of the new data visualisation and analysis activities that Belinas was able to create using ChatGPT utilising Code Interpreter was an interactive HTML \”heatmap\” of UFO sightings throughout the United States using just a \”unpolished dataset.\”

In his Substack weekly \”One Useful Thing,\” major AI influencer and associate professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Ethan Mollick, called ChatGPT with Code Interpreter \”the single most useful, interesting mode of AI I have used.\”

Code Interpreter \”makes the AI much more versatile,\” as Mollick put it; it can provide structured data to back up points the user might wish to make; \”for example, I asked it to prove to a doubter that the Earth is round with code,\” he wrote; \”and it provided multiple arguments, integrating the text with code and images.\”

Putting an end to user complaints

Mollick also demonstrated using ChatGPT with the Code Interpreter turned on to analyse a publicly available list of superheroes and their abilities.

\”When asked about the results of the network analysis, it came to interesting conclusions: the set of powers that heroes commonly had was visual in nature (because they were from comic books), fit certain archetypes, and were best suited to building continuing adventures,\” Mollick noted.

OpenAI hopes the new use cases will quiet the growing complaints of some users, especially those who frequent the ChatGPT and AI Reddit subreddits and have noticed that ChatGPT is becoming more restrictive and less capable over time, banning certain conversation topics and lines of inquiry.

Prioritise (and always emphasise) safety.

Code Interpreter was built with security as its primary concern. The major goal is to make sure that there are no unintended consequences from using code written by AI. OpenAI hopes to continue enhancing safety rules based on the insights received from this beta version as people explore and find fresh uses.

Code Interpreter\’s \”advanced level\” functionality and potential uses in data science make it an attractive tool. Complex quantitative studies can be automated, data can be combined and cleaned, and it can reason about the data much like a person. The AI can generate visualisations and dashboards, both of which may be further refined and customised by users via natural language interactions with the AI. Code Interpreter\’s usefulness is enhanced by the fact that its results may be downloaded.

According to Mollick, this technology provides the most compelling evidence to date that AI may be a useful partner in high-level knowledge work. Human monitoring is still necessary, but this new function will free up time for more substantial endeavours.

In his opinion, \”Code Interpreter represents the clearest positive vision so far of what AIs can mean for work: Disruption, yes, but disruption that leads to better, more meaningful work,\” said Mollick.

The bar for artificial intelligence and data science has been raised significantly by Code Interpreter. OpenAI is once again blazing new trails in the realm of ChatGPT and large language models (LLMs) in general with this instrument.

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